A Treat Yourself Itinerary at BLVD Place

If, like Ishmael,you find yourself growing grim about the mouth, and feel nothing but a damp, drizzly November in your soul; if it’s all you can do to hold fast to the moral principles that prevent you from methodically knocking people’s hats off, then one of two things is wrong: You’ve either fa...

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Heads Up: The HMNS Is About to Get Really Stinky

While it seems strange a city as accustomed to strange, overpowering smells as Houston would care about the stench of a flower, here we are—again. The Houston Museum of Natural Science announced that a rare corpse flower bloom is expected over the weekend.  Astute plant lovers will remember anoth...

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Food is the Great Equalizer #BattleOfTheBeans

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 by VisitHouston It started as a 'Battle of the Beans,' with Houston touting our shiny new Anish Kapoor sculpture and Chicago acting Illinois-ed that their Cloud Gate would no longer be the only bean on the block. However, the two cities quickly came to terms when they r...

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